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Welcome to the eCommerce Directory.
Below you will find a listing of the most prominent eCommerce companies in the industry. These will not include resellers or consultants; only those companies that provide Payment Gateways for Online Transactions and shopping carts. We have classified all these billing processors into four main categories. The most popular ones for small online businesses are probably the last two, 2CheckOut and
WorldPay, both of which only charge a one-time $49 setup fee with no monthly charges. If you make or expect to make under $4,000 a month in online sales you may want to look at these two first. But larger businesses would do good to check out other solutions with higher monthly but lower per sale fees.

There are four ways to set up a billing/shopping cart system:

  1. Buy the software and install it on your own server
  2. Buy the software and install on your hosting company's server
  3. Sign up with a hosting company that has shopping-cart software available
  4. Sign up with a service; the shopping-cart software runs on their server, linked to from your Web site

Categories 1 & 2 - Your Server or Your Hosting Company

The following products can be installed on your own server (option 1), or at a hosting company (option 2); you may be limited to choosing from just a few hosting companies, or you may be able to install on just about any hosting-company's server (though that doesn't mean it's going to be easy to install!).

$15,000 to $40,000
OrderPoint, Speedware
Gulp! Probably need your own server.

Berlin Host
POffers great solutions or businesses in need of servers in Europe, great speed and access to many shopping card systems for yoru business.

$12,500 (NT), $15,500 (UNIX)
Intershop Mall
Need your own server

$5,000+ ($1,500 plus a $15,000 Microsoft Merchant Server or a $3,500 license at someone else's server)
vPOS, Verifone
Probably need your own server

$4,995 (NT), $7,995 (UNIX)
Intershop Online
Need your own server, or choose from a limited number of malls or hosting companies

Net.Commerce, IBM

Includes the Net.Commerce server; must have your own server or work with a limited number of hosting services

$3,495 - $9,995
iCat Electronic Commerce Suite 3.0, iCat
Probably need your own server

Domino Merchant, Lotus
Must be on a Lotus Domino server (included), so you must have your own server or, perhaps, choose from a limited number of hosts.

WebCatalog & WebMerchant, Pacific Coast Software
Probably need your own server, but it runs on a limited number of Web servers,

SiteLINK Toolkit Version, Dydacomp


$1,950 and up
Electronic Store,
Primarily intended for grocery stores
Works on most UNIX servers-probably need your own server

SoftCart, Mercantec
CGIs-use on most servers

$1,495 and up
Merchant Builder, Internet Factory
Probably need your own server or choose from a limited number of hosting companies

ShopSite Pro, Icentral
Limited number of hosting companies

INEX Commerce Court Pro, Inex Corp
Requires Microsoft BackOffice and SQL server, so you'll need your own server or choose from a limited number of hosting companies.

This is a version of Internet Business Breakthrough intended for Web designers. They pay $995 for the software, then can create individual shopping-carts for each client. A license must be purchased for each store.

GoldPaint, ClickShop
CGIs - use on most servers

Includes Installation
CGIs - use on most servers

ShopSite Manager, Icentral
Limited number of hosting companies

$460 - $795
Shopping Cart (Mall Edition), AHG
Includes Installation
add $70 - 80 to integrate with CyberCash or RediCheck CGIs - use on most servers

$400 (available soon)

CGI - use on most servers

$349 and up
WebCart, RC Software

CGIs - use on most servers

Internet Business Breakthrough, Breakthrough Software
CGIs - use on most servers

$195 for up to 100 products, $495 for unlimited size
Hazel, Netsville
CGIs - use on most servers; very good documentation. See here for more information.

Hassan Consulting's Shopping Cart
CGIs - use on most servers

$169 - $299
WebToolBase, Rich Media Technologies
CGIs - use on most servers ... but, it's very new, and their own demo shopping-cart system generates errors in Netscape 4.03

WebOrder, Net2Go
Includes installation
CGIs - use on most servers

Aprrox. US$150 (actually priced in UKú -- UKú100)
JShop Professional
This is based on JavaScript, so it will work on any server, and is very easy to install (because it requires no program files installed at the server), but a significant number of users have non-JavaScript browsers; perhaps 20+% or more of all users are working with browsers that won't work with JavaScripts very well, or at all. However, this system does look easy to work with, as it comes with a PC program that is used to set up your store, and customizes the scripts for you.

$120 - $195
EZShopper, AHG
Includes Installation
CGIs - use on most servers

$79.95, $129.95 with installation
Smart Shop$/page11.htm
CGIs - use on most servers

MiniVend, public domain
CGIs - use on most servers

Web Store, Selena Sol
CGIs - use on most servers

CGIs - use on most servers



Category 3 - Sign up withn a hostimng company

Many Web hosting companies already have commerce software installed, and include it as part of a package. Such systems start at around $30/mth (and increase rapidly from there!). Some of these companies have installed one of the above programs. There are several programs that are only available to you if you sign up with a hosting company:

Internet Creator, Foreman Interactive
The online-store modules only work at their hosting service (SiteAmerica); $79/mth
(Note, however, that this product can be used to create Web pages for use at any site -- you only need to use SiteAmerica if you want the online store.)

$30/mth - hosting package
ShopSite Express, Icentral
Limited number of hosting companies



Category 4 - Use a Service

You can link your site to a service that provides shopping-cart software. The transaction is carried out on their server, not at your Web site.

Note that these services vary tremendously, and the cited rates are only shown for comparison; actual rates may vary depending on exactly what service you use. A few comments ...

  • Some, but not all, of these services can do online transaction processing; that is, process the credit-card number immediately. In some cases the transaction processing is included in the basic service; in others it's an additional service, for an additional fee of course.
  • Some of these services provide shopping-cart programs, sometimes for an additional fee. Some, however, expect you to run the shopping-cart program, or a simple feedback form, on your server, and send them the information for processing.
  • If you are buying a transaction-processing service, you may be able to use your own credit-card merchant account, or the service may run payments through their account. For safety and economy, it's better to have your own account!
  • If you don't have a merchant account, some of these services will set you up with one, but it may be expensive; and you will incur an additional cost. In fact some services require that you sign up for a merchant account through them. EMS2000, for instance, say that you must use a merchant account that they've set up for you, but they'll charge $350 to set it up.

$150/mth, $1200 setup
California Web
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional fee

$?/mth, + transaction fees, $700 setup, shopping-cart programs from $49 - $299
Credit-card transaction processing included

$195/mth, $595 setup
SiteLINK Toolkit Version, Dydacomp

15% - 7% commission on sales,depending on volume, $100 setup
Credit-card transaction processing included

$100 - $300/mth, more for very large stores, no setup charge
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional $600 one-time fee

$105/mth, $120 setup, 5 cents and 5% per transaction (the $105 includes the first $80 in transaction fees)
Geoshop, Geocities
This includes full credit-card transaction processing. (Geocities has a cheaper service; see below)

$49 for the software, then $99/mth, 2.5% per transaction
QuickSite, Site Technologies
Although from the advertising one might assume that this product should be in category 1 or 2 (Site Technologies advertises that this product includes "a full suite of internet commerce tools ... Catalog Builder including OrderEasy"), I've listed the program in category 4, because in fact the program itself has no shopping-cart capabilities. Rather, it provides an easy way to link to the OrderEasy service (listed below), and QuickSite owners get a discount at that service. You can link to other services if you prefer.

$99/mth, 2.5% per transaction, $49 setup
Credit-card transaction processing included

$90/mth, $120 setup

Includes online credit-card transaction processing.

6.5% per transaction or $3, which ever is least, plus credit-card fees, no setup fee.
Credit-card transaction processing included; this service is really designed for use by shareware vendors, though may be used for selling "hard" goods too. However, the order form is very simple and unsophisticated.

Geoshop, Geocities
This is there basic online store, without online credit-card processing.See also their more expensive transaction-processing store.

$50/mth, 50 cents + 6% per transaction $900 setup
Credit-card transaction processing included

$1 - $1.50 transaction, $690 setup
Automated Transaction Services
Credit-card and check transaction processing included

$40/mth, $0.95 per check, $0.75 credit card, $297.50 and up setup
Credit-card transaction processing included

15% of all transactions, no setup fees
The Internet Billing Company
Credit-card transaction processing included; complicated to set up

2% per transaction, $35/min, $100 setup.
Merchant Planet
But you must use a Cardservice Int'l merchant account: $275 setup, 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction, $25/mth min, $10/mth service fee.

10% of each transaction, $150 setup (more for shopping cart software)
Net MoneyIN
This service is a little unusual; they set up a shopping cart on your server for you, then process the transactions through their server.
Credit-card transaction processing included

$85/mth and up, no setup charge
Credit-card transaction processing included

$75 - $225/mth, $250 - $750 setup
Virtual Shopping Cart, NetLink
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional fee

$50/mth, $250 setup
The Engine, Icorp

$35/mth, $60 setup

$35/mth, $20 setup
WizzCart, Marketwizz

$29.95 - 34.95/mth, $49.95 setup
SecureForm, DelWest
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional fee
Also SecurePay; your shopping-cart system sends info to SecurePay, which processes the credit-card transaction

$25/mth, no setup charge
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional fee


$20/mth, $75 setup

$120/6 months
Internet Shopping Cart Server

No monthly fee, a 7% to 15% fee per transaction, $99.50 setup
This system includes online transaction processing; you don't need your own merchant account.

$15/mth, $585 setup
Internet Secure
Credit-card transaction processing included

Cardservice Secure Payment Gateway
Credit-card transaction processing included

$12.50/mth, $99 setup
Credit-card transaction processing available for an additional fee

$9.90/mth, $45 setup
Credit-card transaction processing available for $29.90+/mth, $545 setup

$0/mth, $49 setup has become the market leader of low cost online credit card processing with shopping cart integration. Set-up is extremely quick and the interface is very easy to use. 2CheckOut charges 5.5% of each transaction plus 45 cents.

$0/mth, $49 setup
PaySystems and its MERCHANT IBA system
PaySystems processes credit cards online and integrates a shopping cart. Set-up is quick, the interface is easy to use. PaySystems charges 3.95% of each transaction plus 1 dollar.

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